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Monkey Bones Productions

Monkey Bones Productions is a new production business with a big company feel and production values. The dedicated team is ready to make dream events into reality. Monkey Bones Productions produces all events, big or small from small-town events all the way up to big theme parks.

Brice Isabell | Chief Executive Officer

Was born in Columbia, Tn in 1999. His entrance into the haunt industry started in 2011. In 2020 he opened his own haunt. This allowed him to explore a new experience in storytelling and experiences that customers have never seen before. Brice is also an experienced outdoorsman. This endeavor gives him the chance to combine his love for the outdoors and haunt together. He plans on working on bettering the community and industry as a whole. Aside from a working man, he is a proud uncle; a bit crazy but it all comes from a good heart. His other endeavors include working with troubled youths. He has helped them overcome things in their past such as drugs, alcohol and gang affiliations. This all was before starting his business Monkey Bones Productions in 2020 with his long time friend and now business partners Sam DeFeo. He continues to strive in his goals of producing events around the country and maybe a little world domination but that is beside the point; it is still early in his career with Monkey Bones Productions.

We offer Top-Notch Services

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    Event Productions

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    Staging & Sound

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    Brand Sponsorships

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    Vendor Management

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    Onsite Experiences

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    Marketing & Social Media

In a short time, We have been able to achieve excellence in all areas of development.

We provide cost-effective and high quality products to meet our Clients’ needs of timely.

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We strive to give the best event for your budget. We want to make the customers feel confident and excited to see their dream events come into a reality.

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