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Monkeying around with TrendyTix

TrendyTix is a ticketing company that has just recently opened its cyber doors for business, and luckily for us, they have decided to partner with Monkey Bones Productions. The owner, Mr. Lee Ratchford, is a wonderful human being who has his hands in several types of entertainment businesses. With that being said, I know TrendyTix will be successful for several other reasons.

Right away, I knew TrendyTix was going to be special. I have had the pleasure of working with or going to events that Mr. Ratchford has been the leader on. Haunts, concerts, and a few other smaller things. Mr. Lee knows the ins and outs of productions and knows the issues with ticketing. Having dealt with all of the issues himself, he set out to solve these issues.
The main issue that he wanted to fix was people getting into events for free. There are so many ways people can get into an event for free, to which I won’t talk about as to not spread these. To those who don’t work in the industry I get it, it can be expensive and why would you pay for something you can get for free. That mindset, however, is very selfish. It’s hard to understand just how much that hurts the event until you have become a promoter yourself.
To help combat this, TrendyTix has come up with a facial recognition program that will help speed up lines and help prevent people from getting in for free. On top of this, they also have something called Catapult. This is a way for a group to share the event, while also getting discounts! The way it works is buyers can buy their tickets and share with their friends the event via social media. Then when their friend buys a ticket, they receive a small discount on their ticket and can share it with their friends. It gives this organic way to support the event, but more importantly, it gives this community feels to the event.
We are very excited to be working with TrendyTix. we know this will be a great partnership. We look forward to doing many events with them!

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