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Why We Love Fall!

After what has felt like months of work, mainly cause it was months of work, we are finally happy with our event venue, to say we are going to be producing our first major event! The event venue has taken a lot of love to get where we are now. Between working in the rain, to removing grass as tall as we are, we have done it all. With all that being done, I am happy to say that the first event will be in October of 2020.
Before I announce what we are doing, I want to talk about why we have chosen this venue. Our venue is located in Columbia Tn, a place where the most exciting day of the year is mule day. Now I am not bashing on it, but that’s only one event and between Mule day this year and mule next year, there isn’t much that happens in the local areas in terms of fun things to do that is family-friendly. Most of the time, you have to drive out to Nashville, and for those out in Columbia, that’s an hour-long drive. Then there’s traffic and if you end up drinking, that’s an incredibly expensive uber ride back to Columbia and possible BACK to Nashville to get your car. So, we wanted to give the local area a venue where every couple of months, a new event happens that is inviting to people of all ages.
Alright, so I’m very excited to announce that our first event, happening Oct 2020, is a haunted Halloween event, which includes food, drinks, and entertainment! We thought about it for a long time, and with both of our backgrounds being haunt based we figured that would be the best place to start. We spent a lot of time coming up with the storyline, the pathway, and most importantly, all of the entertainment it will be bringing. We have a lot of ideas we are wanting to tackle with our event, but the most important one is giving everyone a great show! We hope to see you guys out there and more details will come as we get closer to the event!

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